Trivium’s CSO wins WBCSD Leading Women Award

Trivium announced that its Chief Sustainability Officer, Jenny Wassenaar, has been honoured with a prestigious award from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). 

The WBCSD has awarded Wassenaar with a Leading Women Award, honouring women that display outstanding leadership and dedication to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Out of 65 nominees for the WBCSD award, Jenny Wassenaar was one of only five that were chosen to receive the award. 

The WBCSD is a global network of businesses committed to advancing sustainable development, and its award recognises individuals who have made significant contributions to driving sustainability in the business world.

Jenny Wassenaar joined Trivium Packaging in 2020 and has since been a driving force behind Trivium Packaging’s sustainability initiatives, which aim to reduce the packaging industry’s environmental footprint. 

Under Jenny’s leadership, Trivium has focused on minimising the environmental impact of its production processes, driving out inefficiencies and using infinitely recyclable materials where possible. 

She is committed to delivering sustainable value to Trivium’s customers and the planet.

In addition to her role at Trivium Packaging, Jenny Wassenaar is a Liaison Delegate & Workstream Co-Chair for the WBCSD and a board member for the UN Global Compact Network in the Netherlands. Throughout her career, Wassenaar has been committed to the mission of sustainability.

“I’m honoured to be recognised for our efforts towards achieving the SDGs and commitment to sustainability initiatives,” says Jenny Wassenaar. “Sustainability is no longer a choice, but an imperative for the success of a company.”

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