Pride Conveyance celebrates one year milestone

Pride Conveyance Systems, a subsidiary of Roeslein & Associates, is delighted to announce a significant safety milestone. The Hollister facility has achieved an entire year without a single lost time injury, a testament to the dedication and commitment to safety upheld by all employees.

Since July 2022, no employee has experienced a lost time injury at Roeslein’s Hollister location. This achievement exemplifies the company’s unwavering dedication to maintaining a safe and secure working environment for all its employees. It reflects the continuous efforts put forth by the entire team.

Ryan Kirkpatrick, director of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) for all Roeslein companies, expressed his gratitude for the team’s collective efforts. He said, “Reaching this milestone is a tremendous accomplishment and highlights our team’s commitment to prioritize safety. Our employees’ dedication to embracing safe work practices and adhering to rigorous safety protocols has been instrumental in making this achievement possible.”

Furthermore, Shannon Pride, president of Pride Conveyance Systems, conveyed his appreciation and joy in the company’s workforce, stating, “The health and safety of our employees have always been at the core of our values at Pride Conveyance Systems. We take immense pride in this accomplishment, demonstrating our commitment to fostering a culture of safety and responsibility within our organization. Our employees are the backbone of our success, and their unwavering focus on safety has been instrumental in achieving this milestone.”

Pride Conveyance Systems, under the umbrella of Roeslein & Associates, continues to set high standards in safety and innovation within the industry. As a leading manufacturer of conveying systems and an advocate for employee well-being, the company is dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards, ensuring a safe work environment for all.

This milestone of one year without a lost time injury reflects the efforts of Pride Conveyance Systems’ team. It showcases the company’s commitment to its mission of “Safety First, Quality Always.” Moving forward, the company remains focused on fostering a culture of safety excellence and continuous improvement, striving for even more significant milestones in the future.

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