Blue Moon packaging gets revamped look

Blue Moon is looking to get “brighter” in 2024 with revamped packaging, an expanded marketing campaign and a new look and name for Blue Moon Light, formerly Blue Moon LightSky.

Molson Coors Beverage Company’s big plans aim to provide a kickstart to the top craft beer, the top light craft beer and the No. 2 draft handle in the U.S.

Chief among them is modernising Blue Moon Brewing Company’s entire family of brands, including its flagship, Belgian White Belgian-style Wheat Ale. The brand is debuting a streamlined new look on its packaging next year, its first brand update since 2019.

The new look aims to bring a cohesive identity to Blue Moon’s family of brands, Courtney Benedict, vice president for above-premium beer, said last week at Molson Coors’ distributor convention in Orlando.

“We know that closing the deal at shelf is the critical touchpoint” to connect with legal-age drinkers, she said. “We need to show – not just tell – drinkers that Blue Moon is the bright, vibrant, modern brand we all know it to be.”

The new look comes at a time when craft beer is weathering challenging trends, yet consumers have shown a penchant for above-premium options. And Blue Moon, says Rose Sokolnik, senior marketing manager for Blue Moon brands, sits in the middle of both segments.

“Blue Moon sits in this unique position in above premium, with craft roots and mass appeal at the same time,” she says. “In the past few years, we haven’t been telling a unified story, and Blue Moon’s new look brings all the brands together.”

Starting in February, consumers will see the evolved packaging for Blue Moon’s family of beers, including Belgian White, Mango Wheat, Blue Moon Light (more on that in a moment) and new Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Brew, which launches in December.

It’s a modernised look, leaning hard on the stylised blue moon and banner text that is so linked to the brand and its flagship, Blue Moon Belgian White. 

The flavour credentials of each beer – Valencia orange peel, tangerine or mango, depending on the brand – are celebrated on the pack, which are designed to stand out more on shelves.

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