SpecMetrix hires new technical sales manager

The SpecMetrix Systems team at Sensory Analytics is pleased to announce the hiring of Mark Mohn as its new technical sales manager. 

In his new role, Mark will help the company meet the increased year-end demand for the company’s innovative SpecMetrix systems product lines within the global metal packaging and coated metals business segments. 

Mark will be a familiar face for metal packaging industry customers, where he has spent over a decade driving technical sales for Prime Controls, another innovative metal packaging industry leader. 

Mark brings almost 25 years of combined industrial technology experience to his important new role at fast-growing Sensory Analytics. In his former role, he contributed to triple-digit sales growth and helped oversee worldwide sales of sensor systems and custom controls.

Additionally, he spent much of his time on customer sales visits, application support visits, product installations, trade shows and hands-on customer training.  

With his wealth of experience with technical sales efforts and a strong background in Electrical Engineering, Mark is well positioned to drive the technical sales efforts for SpecMetrix systems for current and prospective SpecMetrix system customers.

“We are excited to have Mark join the SpecMetrix systems team at Sensory at this exciting time of company expansion. His technical experience, positive customer focus and well-established track record with global metal packaging manufacturing leaders make Mark a perfect fit for this critical role”, added Greg Frisby, Global Industry Manager for SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory Analytics.  

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