Angry Orchard unveils new offerings

Angry Orchard, the leading hard cider maker in the US, is unveiling several new ‘’deliciously bold and bright’’ offerings.

Whether you’re hitting the town, hosting a party or cozying up by the fire, Angry Orchard’s newest ciders offer a whole lot of deliciousness fit for celebrating.

The brand’s boldest new flavour rolling out this month: Crisp Imperial! Clocking in at 8% ABV, Crisp Imperial offers the Crisp Apple flavour drinkers know and love, now with an added edge. As high-ABV ciders continue to be the fastest-growing segment in the cider category, Crisp Imperial is sure to capture drinkers looking for that extra punch and deliciously bold flavour to help get through the hectic holidays and beyond. 

With the perfect level of sweetness, this cider is easy drinking and madly refreshing. Crisp Imperial is rolling out nationwide now in six-pack cans and will be a permanent, year-round addition to the Angry Orchard portfolio.

For drinkers looking for a taste of the season, look no further than Angry Orchard’s newest variety pack: The Knotty Bunch. Jam-packed with festive flavours, this variety pack is available now nationwide for a limited time only featuring three brand-new styles, including:

  • NEW! Crisp Light: Offering the same fresh apple taste of Crisp Apple, now just lighter on the sugar, calories and ABV! Crazy refreshing with a slightly sweet finish, Crisp Light is wildly drinkable with just 6g of sugar at 4.3% ABV per 12 oz. serving.
  • NEW! Cranberry Pomegranate: Featuring real fruit juice from two classic winter fruits blended with apple, Cranberry Pomegranate is tart, semi-sweet, perfectly balanced and bursting with seasonal flavour at 5% ABV.
  • NEW! Ginger: A fan-favourite flavour returning just for the season, Angry Orchard Ginger is apple-forward with a nice balance of spicy, natural ginger flavour at 5% ABV.

And to round out this limited pack, the brand’s flagship and OG flavour: Crisp Apple. A holiday favourite for more than a decade, Crisp Apple is the ultimate complement to any holiday celebration – whether enjoyed on its own, paired with a meal or used in a cocktail.

“Coming together with friends and family this season is a great opportunity to explore new flavours of the season – cider included,” said Joe Gaynor, Cider Maker at Angry Orchard. “Whether you’re looking for a cider that packs a bold punch, need something a bit lighter, or want to play with seasonal flavours, we’ve got a cider to satisfy any palate this season.”

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