Dr Pepper reveals new limited edition flavour

Dr Pepper has revealed the 2023 limited-edition flavour of the soft drink with the launch of Dr Pepper Hot Take, available exclusively to Pepper Perks members as of 8th November. 

Dr Pepper Hot Take is a fiery turn on the original 23 flavours, harnessing the bold flavours of spicy peppers and honouring the sport and all of the hot takes that come with college football fandom.

“Dr Pepper is taking bold flavour steps with the launch of Dr Pepper Hot Take and it is a testament to our commitment to bringing fans sensational new products,” shared John Alvarado, SVP of Dr Pepper Brand Marketing. 

“Every year, we celebrate college football fandom and the new flavour is a ‘hot take’ on the well-loved tradition of sport and spice.”

Exclusively available on Pepper Perks starting on November 8th, consumers can get their hands on Dr Pepper Hot Take in two ways: logging in or enrolling in the Pepper Perks program¹ from home and playing scratch-and-win for a chance of winning one of many prizes, including the new Dr Pepper Hot Take. 

Or, fans can redeem 3,000 points to secure the flavour. The limited-time offering is only available while supplies last.

Dr Pepper Pepper Perks is a rewards program designed to provide deserving customers with a host of benefits like rewards and special offers. 

Visit www.DrPepper.com to learn more and join the conversation by following @DrPepper on Instagram.

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