OJOY launches flagship non-alcoholic sparkling wine

OJOY sparkling blanc can amongst party spread including a large glitter ball, heart-shaped biscuits and full cocktail glasses.

OJOY Wine Company has introduced Sparkling Blanc, the flagship offering in its collection of no and low-alcohol wines.

The non-alcoholic white blend combines high quality ingredients with cutting edge innovation in dealcoholisation technology. The result is a crisp, dry, and subtly fruit-forward non-alcoholic wine with notes of apricot, black currant, and citrus.

OJOY launched in 2023 with a simple mission to make great tasting wine for everyone. Whether or not you drink alcohol, you’ll love discovering the finer side of non-alcoholic wine with every convenient can of OJOY Sparkling Blanc. Why cans? Each 355-mL can is about the same as ½ bottle of wine, holding two 6-ounce pours, to maximise freshness and minimise waste.

“When I stopped drinking alcohol, I found myself yearning for a high quality NA wine that tasted as good as ordinary wine,” says OJOY Founder & CEO Marc Wendt. “We launched the brand to offer an option to wine lovers that delivers on taste without the typical downsides ordinary wine can have–headaches, hangovers, and dehydration.”

OJOY is also a lower calorie option for consumers. Whereas ordinary wine contains on average 12% abv and 150 calories per glass, OJOY Sparkling Blanc contains less than 0.5% abv and only 15 calories per glass. With up to 90% fewer calories than ordinary wine, Sparkling Blanc offers people focusing on diet, health, and wellness a new option in social settings.

OJOY Sparkling Blanc NA Wine is available nationwide on Amazon and direct from OJOY Wine Company. Sparkling Blanc is available in 355ml 8 pack or a limited edition 4 pack gift set. 

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