AkzoNobel engineering grads complete training program

Three AkzoNobel engineering graduates have completed the North America Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET) program. The graduates are now working in various roles in the company. Brian Nkenke, an IT Operations Officer based in High Point,  North Carolina; Matt Ebanks, a Project Engineer in Waukegan, Illinois; and Audrey Tan, a Process  Engineer in Huron, Ohio, secured positions with the company following an impressive two-year stint in the  North America GET program launched in 2020.  

The three GET graduates developed their leadership, project management, data analysis, technical and  paint manufacturing skills across multiple AkzoNobel sites in North America. 

Matt, 27, said: “It was very fulfilling to be a part of this extensive training program, which provides a unique  experience to travel, grow, and meet new people at different locations. The chance to work with different  teams and within different business units provided a diverse learning experience and an opportunity to  broaden my skills and perspectives. Being one of the first to go through the program was definitely a  privilege.” 

The GET program combines on-the-job experience and classroom training and was first started in South  Asia in 2019, followed by implementation in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), the Americas in 2020  and 2021. 

More than 70 trainees, including 16 people in North America, have enrolled on the program designed to  prepare participants for key roles in managerial or experts’ positions at AkzoNobel. 

Audrey said: “It was exciting to be able to graduate from the GET program, where it has challenged and  given me a variety of opportunities to grow and become a well-rounded engineer. What made the GET  experience an even better one was being among the first graduates of the program. We grew and  discovered together on how to make the best GET program for our future trainees.” 

Each of the graduates received a trophy which doubles as a working clock with a rotating chain. 

Richard Kenmuir, AkzoNobel’s Regional Project Manager for the Americas, and oversees the North  America GET program, said: “I’m so proud to see our first group of North American trainees graduating  from this amazing program. The GET program combines on-the-job training and classroom projects to  equip the trainees with vital skills and experience used in a variety of roles. We are preparing for the future  and always on the lookout for new talent.” 

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