São Geraldo partners with Canpack Brazil

São Geraldo has announced that they have partnered with Canpack Brazil to help launch its flagship beverage in 350ml infinitely recyclable cans. Previously, the drink was only available in glass or PET bottles.                     

Cajuína São Geraldo is a soda with 5% juice from the fruits of native cashew trees, very popular in Brazil’s north-eastern states. Its unique flavour doesn’t come from the more widely known cashew ‘nuts’, but from delicious cashew itself. Ceará-based São Geraldo emphasises the local character of the drink.

According to Tiago Caldas Dias, marketing manager at São Geraldo: “The drink is deeply connected to the culture and people of the region. And now we want to introduce Brazilian consumers from other regions to this taste of our history.”

Tiago goes on to explain how the partnership with leading can manufacturer canpack has allowed the company to flourish. He says: “It has allowed us to serve more distant markets, something we are unable to do with disposable packaging such as PET, due to issues of CO2 loss in production”.

“Cans are also more convenient for retailing at sales points such as shopping malls, airports, as well as during sporting and cultural events. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, so cans are a more sustainable packaging option and aligns with our environmental strategy”.

The colourful new Cajuína São Geraldo cans feature ripe cashew fruits in mouth-watering red and golden-yellow under a banner proclaiming: ‘O Sabor do Nordeste’ (The Taste of the Northeast). This strapline sings out the proud regional origins of the product, as well as its unusual refreshing taste.

Products with strong local connections are having an increasing impact on consumer preferences. Market analyst Kantar has identified a post-pandemic surge in localism globally, with nearly two-thirds of consumers preferring to buy goods and services from their own country.

“Beverage consumers are also looking for new or surprising flavours, especially ones linked to traditional recipes and intriguing cultural roots,” explains Fábio Aquino Araújo, sales manager at Canpack. “We are delighted to partner with São Geraldo, to help bring this leading beverage produce to a new audience. There is no better avenue to communicate a brand’s message than the stunning shelf appeal of the aluminium beverage can.

“We specialise in making cans that tell stories and create that feeling. We were the perfect choice to help promote this signature regional beverage across the rest of Brazil, and hopefully even further afield.”

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