Sherwin-Williams expands non-BPA coatings production in Europe

After a multi-year investment, Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coatings has completed its plant expansions at Deeside, UK and Tournus, France with the start of production of its valPure V70 coatings for beverage cans. 

This increased European production addresses our customer partnerships for the growing demand in the region and the need for non-bisphenol A (NBPA) packaging coatings in the face of the pending European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) restriction on BPA. 

The plants are now producing commercial batches of the valPure V70 series to supply the European, Middle East, African and Indian markets.

“Sherwin-Williams is focused on supporting our European customers and brand owners as that market converts to non-BPA coatings,” says Burt Marchman, President of Sherwin-Williams Global Packaging. 

“valPure V70 represents the future of epoxy coatings for light metal packaging. To support the growing demand for the product line, Sherwin-Williams embarked on a program to invest in expansions in the region, modernising our beverage coatings research and development lab in France and installing new reactor systems in both the U.K. and France.”

V70 is a next-generation, non-BPA epoxy can coating technology developed to meet the demanding standards of the metal packaging industry. 

It delivers all of the performance benefits of an epoxy coating – including superior application performance, excellent flavour retention and industry-leading corrosion resistance – without the use of BPA.

“V70 was developed using our Safety by Design protocol that includes screening and rigorous testing of materials to ensure not only current compliance but also products that will stand up to scientific rigour over the long term,” says Marchman. “We are truly committed to providing a long-term, effective coating alternative for the industry.”

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