White Claw® debuts ‘bottomless’ can cooler 

Artist T Pain sits on the side of a pool next to a fully stocked White Claw Smart Cooler.

White Claw is unveiling its innovative new CLAW™ Cooler, a high-tech cooler that automatically detects when White Claw is running low and helps consumers order more to their door.

The CLAW™ Cooler is a first-ever cooler designed for an endless stock of ice-cold White Claw, even without ice! Inside, the cooler contains a specialised sensor that detects when cans are running low and prompts the user’s smartphone to refill. 

The CLAW™ Cooler is temperature controlled via a rechargeable battery, it boasts an LCD interface for emptiness levels and alerts, and it has waterproof Bluetooth® speakers 

“When you’re at a grill out, pool party or picnic this summer, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than connecting with friends and family,” said Kevin Brady, Vice President of Marketing, White Claw. “This July Fourth, fans can just focus on having fun, enjoying the sunshine, and making meaningful connections.

White Claw announced the launch of the cooler alongside T Pain. He debuted the CLAW™ Cooler in a new video, live on his Instagram, as well as White Claw’s Instagram and YouTube.

“I’ve been a long-time White Claw fan, and trust me, nothing brings the vibes down faster than when the cooler runs out,” said T-Pain. “I’m thrilled to launch the CLAW™ Cooler with White Claw so you can keep connecting with friends and not worry where your next White Claw is coming from this summer.”

For those not lucky enough to get their hand on a cooler, WhiteClaw announced a promotion with delivery service DoorDash. 

The CLAW™ Cooler and promotion are an extension of White Claw’s Grab Life by the Claw™ initiative announced in April. The new platform and campaign encourage White Claw fans to embrace spontaneity and inspire experiences together, urging everyone to seize opportunities for real meaningful social connections. The U.S. campaign is live now across multiple channels.  

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