Ardagh’s innovative Nitro drink series with Doehler


Ardagh Metal Packaging customers are invited to ‘chill and enjoy’ an innovative series of premium Nitro drinks, conceived in collaboration with leading natural ingredient expert Doehler, in an Innovation Box which showcases the value-adding potential of Ardagh’s Nitro Can.

The Ardagh-Doehler Innovation Box is a gift of ready-to-launch beverage concepts which invites customers to experience the multi-sensory adventure of Nitro-infused drinks for themselves. 

The forward-thinking partnership that marries Doehler’s ingredient expertise with Ardagh’s unrivalled Customer Technical Service and laboratory teams, has created the Innovation Box, to help customers cut long development times and quickly reach new, growing markets.

The unparalleled ‘snap, hiss, foam…’ of the Nitro Can takes conventional drinks to a new level, enhancing a huge range of beverage types including energy drinks, carbonated soft drinks, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails and 0.0% beers. 

In the Innovation Box, customers can find examples of eight brand-new on-trend Nitro beverages: Cotton candy and Sour Apple energy drinks, fizzy cold brew coffees with hints of Cranberry or Cola, Espresso Martini and ‘Swimming Pool’ cocktails and alcohol-free Pale Ale and Stout.

These enormously diverse products all share the 360° experience of the Nitro Can: the powerful roar and aroma explosion on opening, the smooth, creamy texture and mouthfeel, and long-lasting foam. 

The Nitro Can has high potential in a number of growing markets. Consumers are purchasing more indulgent drinks for home consumption, seeking the premium treats they may previously have enjoyed in cafés, bars and restaurants. 

The Nitro Can experience transforms a drink into a special occasion allowing consumers to relish the “theatre” of the can opening. 

New and exciting flavours and novel consumption experiences are also in demand, and the Innovation Box is intended to infuse customers with ideas for new products either within their existing sector or into that exciting new step beyond.

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