CANPACK set up aluminium beverage can recycling initiative


CANPACK Czech has helped set up a bold aluminium beverage can recycling initiative in the town of Stříbro.

They joined forces with the Mayor of Stříbro and Ekodepon and were on a mission to educate local community about recyclability features of aluminium beverage can. 

Six recycling bins were distributed in the town and serve as collection points of used beverage cans exclusively. 

Once filled in they will be collected by a local company entitled to collect and recycle used aluminium cans.

Attila Szabo, CANPACK Czech General Manager, said: “With this project we wanted to draw local community attention to the recyclability of the product CANPACK produces in Stříbro. 

“Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely without compromising any of its unique properties and there is no better way to bring it back to the cycle than collection and recycling.”

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