Emballator doubles capacity for printed tinplate

Emballator investment in tinplate capacity

To be able to reach the new demands and increase capacity in operations, a large investment in a new printing press has been made at Emballator in Ulricehamn, Sweden.

“This is another proof that our owner Herenco believes in our business and an investment of 60 million SEK is not only securing our capacity but also provides potential for future growth”, says Stefan Bergström, CEO at Emballator Metal Group.

The printing press technology is like the traditional color printing on paper but the difference being that it’s printed on tin plate. The technology is the latest in the industry and means a change from liquid-gas to electric power with a positive effect on the carbon dioxide emissions.

“Now we are at the last commissioning part of the printing press, and we are making great progress. Beyond more growth thanks to acquisitions we also focus on product development, automation, and IT solutions to create an operation that is in the forefront of our industry.”

The investment gives Emballator in Ulricehamn increased flexibility, it’s now possible to double the capacity of printed tinplate’s.

“Focus now is continued expansion of the business and more acquisitions are on the wish list. We will probably acquire businesses in Europe and Emballator in Ulricehamn, Sweden, are well equipped to ensure component supply in such a strategy. We are looking at new product areas and the benefits of metal from an environmental and circular perspective is hard to beat”, says Stefan Bergström.

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