Cacolac plan €5m factory to expand canned wine production


Cacolac is planning to build a new €5million factory in the heart of Bordeaux to increase its canned wine production.

The French company, who were famous for making a chocolate milk drink before diversifying to win a decade ago, began putting wine into cans back in 2011.

With the growth of their “In Can We Trust” wine division, the company has invested the €5 million in a new, 2000-square meter building, which will enable expansion into the hard seltzer category and bring production up to 9m seltzer and wine cans annually.

French connoisseurs have long seen wine being sold in cans as an insult, but Cacolac has taken the plunge to try and get the country to finally accept it.

Christian Maviel, the company’s chairman, said: “When I first mentioned this project, I felt distrust. A lot of people here thought we were going to spoil [the wine] but that is not the case at all.”

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