Coca-Cola Switzerland introduce KeelClip tech

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is switching to KeelClip packaging made from cardboard instead of plastic for its can multipacks.

Saving 95 tons of packaging film a year, this is another important milestone in the fight against single use plastic.

KeelClip is a cardboard packaging solution that is used for cans and is completely recyclable. With the introduction of this new packaging, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland saves 95 tons of plastic annually.

In addition, the KeelClip consists of sustainably obtained cardboard, which is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and thus stands for environmentally and socially responsible production. 

With the new cardboard packaging, Cola-Cola claims to reduce CO 2 emissions by 50% compared to the plastic option. 

Commenting, Thomas Krennbauer, country general manager, Coca-Cola Switzerland, said: “Even in these unpredictable times, we are concentrating on further developing our sustainability agenda. By offering a sustainable carton solution with the KeelClip, we support our customers directly and make an important contribution to reducing packaging material. 

“After Ireland, Northern Ireland and Austria, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is also one of the first European markets to introduce the KeelClip. In the area of ​​non-alcoholic soft drinks, the KeelClip is a novelty in the Swiss market. With this, we want to further expand our role as a sustainability pioneer.”

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