Coca-Cola launches new can to celebrate Japanese festivals


Coca-Cola Japan has launched a new can that celebrates three festivals in the north of the country and will be sold exclusively in one region.

A few years ago, the soft-drinks brand launched their regional aluminium bottle designs that celebrate famous landmarks and traditions in major Japanese cities, which could only be found in the specific regions they featured.

Northern prefectures such as Aomori, Akita and Iwate have featured before, with bottles that incorporate traditional festivals and prominent buildings into the design. 

But now all three areas will appear side-by-side on one Coca-Cola can.

It is called ‘Michinoku Design’ with Michinoku being a former province of Japan that covered these three modern-day prefectures.

The name of each prefecture is written in kanji, beside a depiction of a famous festival customarily celebrated in that area.

For Aomori there is the popular Nebuta lantern festival, Akita is represented by the Kanto festival, and for Iwate there is an illustration of someone dancing the Morioka Sansa Odori while beating a taiko drum.

This specially designed can of coke can only be found in the northern Tohoku area.

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