Aluminium demand up 18%

European Aluminium

Preliminary estimates indicate that aluminium demand in the United States and Canada increased by 18.3% through the first five months of 2021.

This was the equivalent of 10,948 million pounds while demand for semi-fabricated (mill) products totalled 8,306 million pounds, rising 13.5%.

Apparent consumption (demand less exports) in domestic markets totalled an estimated 9,992 million pounds, advancing 18.0% year-to-date. 

Exports of aluminium ingot and mill products from the U.S. and Canada (excluding cross-border trade) totalled 956 million pounds through May, up 20.7% over the same period last year, while imports declined 4.2% to 2,621 million pounds.

The Aluminum Association, in cooperation with the Aluminium Association of Canada, reported primary aluminium production in North America (U.S. and Canada) was at an annual rate of 4,146,230 tonnes during June 2021, a decrease of 15,536 tpy, off four-tenths of one percent from the May 2021 rate of 4,161,765 tonnes. 

The production rate in the U.S. rose slightly (+0.1%) month-over-month, while the rate in Canada decreased five-tenths of one percent. 

To read the full report by The Aluminum Association, visit here.

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