Coca-Cola launches first global campaign in five years

Coke Zero

Coca-Cola has unveiled its first global campaign in five years as it looks to recover from a sales slump during the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2020, the beverage giant saw net revenues decline by 11% following lockdowns and temporary closures of many businesses.

Coca-Cola also undertook a massive restructuring prior to the pandemic and the ‘Real Magic’ campaign is the first result of that – the company’s first global campaign since 2016.

Real Magic promises to be more Gen Z-focused in terms of look and feel as well as marketing mix.

Selman Careaga, president of the global Coca-Cola category, said during the campaign’s rollout event that ’Real Magic’ is “a new philosophy that will guide everything we do with our brand,” adding that Coke “will invite everyone to embrace the magic of humanity.”

The video advert sees an esports event with players battling in a World of Warcraft type game.

One contestant cracks open a Coke and his Orc character in the game is overcome with feeling.

The Orc throws his axe on the ground and helps an opponent up, with viewers from around the globe astounded by the act of goodwill.

“We are one Coke away from each other” proclaims the ad copy.

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