Wildpack announces year end 2021 financial results

Wildpack Beverage Inc announced audited financial results for the year ending December 31, 2021. 

Wildpack reported that revenue for the year was $28.3million, while gross profit was $1.6million.

Total facility footprint was up 200%, and the company opened and acquired a total of four new facilities.

Wildpack added two new verticals: sleeve/label printing and brokering packaging materials, it also commissioned and installed the first print production line and 2 additional decoration production lines.

It also successfully listed for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange and completed equity financing of $36million, and debt financing of $40 million.

In the fourth quarter, revenue for the quarter grew 32.8% to $6.64million compared to $5million in the prior year.

Production volume for the quarter grew 191% to 26.5million cans compared to 9.1million cans the prior year

Wildpack also completed the acquisition of Land and Sea in Grand Rapids, MI.

“2021 was a foundational year for Wildpack,” commented CEO, Mitch Barnard. “At inception, we viewed Wildpack as a one-stop network of beverage co-packing facilities, solving for the principal challenges faced by middle market beverage brands of vendor fragmentation, shipping costs, manufacturing capacity and access to aluminium cans. In 2021, we hit all milestones toward achieving that vision.”

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