Fire Dept. Coffee enters RTD canned beverage market

Fire Department Coffee, a veteran-owned brand, marked its entry into the ready-to-drink category today with the release of Fire Dept. Coffee Nitro Cold Brew. 

The cornerstone of the line, Nitro Irish Coffee, is a first-of-its-kind, non-alcoholic, canned Nitro Cold Brew infused with real whiskey and cream. It is available now, alongside three additional varieties: Nitro-Charged Latte, Nitro-Charged Shellback Espresso, and Nitro Vanilla Bean Bourbon, each in 7 oz single serving cans exclusively on Distribution will expand to grocers and other nationwide retailers in the coming months.

“Customers have been asking for a simpler, faster way to experience their favourite Fire Dept. Coffee on-the-go, so the introduction of Nitro Cold Brew is our answer to their call,” said Luke Schneider, Founder and CEO of Fire Dept. Coffee. 

“With this release we’re not only offering a new way to experience our coffee – but we’re also bringing our proprietary, non-alcoholic spirit-infusion process to the ready-to-drink category for the first time.”

For its Spirit Infused Coffee varieties, including Nitro Irish Coffee, coffee beans are infused with premium whiskey before roasting out the alcohol, leaving behind only the spirit’s bold aroma, natural flavours, and familiar taste – a proprietary process the brand introduced in 2016. 

The end result is a cold brew far more flavourful and complex in palate than anything previously available.

Fire Dept. Coffee’s innovative flavours and single-serve cans are available at a pivotal time. Americans have voiced increasing frustration over the influx of pumpkin spice-themed product releases, especially coffee, and are looking to explore better and bolder flavours in the food and beverage category.

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